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UNDERGROUND RAILROADExperience the Underground Railroad through the eyes of "passengers" and "conductors"


A Simulated Journey from Slavery to Freedom

Students experience the Underground Railroad through the eyes of "passengers," "conductors," patrols, and bounty hunters as they simulate an escape across school grounds. Working in groups, students learn about railroad protocol, stories of escape, major routes, railroad agents and friends, and the consequences of detection. The teacher's guide provides complete directions and reproducible handouts that include procedures, readings, a glossary, rubrics, and other handouts. The student guide contains summary questions and a debriefing essay prompt. Grades 4–8. Time: 3–5 class periods. Interact.

View an excerpt from the Underground Railroad teacher's guide containing the table of contents and overview (pdf format; will open in a separate window)

Common Core correlations, Grades 4–6

Common Core correlations, Grades 7–8Interact1 82392 62831

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