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A Cooperative Group Adventure Through Four Basic Parts of Speech

Students travel along a colorful map through Noun Town, Adjective Avenue, and Verb Valley and finally scale Adverb Bluff by working through both cooperative and independent grammar exercises. Students identify and practice using the four basic parts of speech; write postcards using past, present, and future tenses of verbs; diagram simple sentences; use problem-solving and brainstorming techniques in collaborative work groups; and develop confidence in their abilities through writing activities and a culminating whole-class game of the bingo-esque GRAMO. The teacher's guide includes complete procedures, scripts, handout masters, extension activities, assessments, and answer keys. The unit as designed runs for 30 class periods; some activities may stand alone. Grades 3–6. 8" x 11". Interact. 159 pages. ©2006.

View an excerpt from the Grammar Zones teacher's guide containing the table of contents and overview (pdf format; will open in a separate window)

Common Core correlationsintla Interact1 21733

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